Detail view of the leg joinery in the Wesley Dining Table

A different kind of furniture studio

Every business needs a reason to exist. If a business is going to do the same thing another business is already doing then what's the point?

This isn't the first furniture design studio. There are thousands. But I think there's a reason for Hey, Porter to exist and it's because the world needs less furniture.

Less furniture

It doesn't make sense on first glance: the world needs less furniture so let's start a business that makes more. Here's why: most furniture is poorly made. The broken furniture dumped on the street or in skips is a familiar site but a lot of "luxury" furniture isn't much better.

And the origin stories of these poorly made pieces is often ugly: trees harvested with little or no regard for land that's left behind or the people who make them.

By designing and making furniture that lasts for life we can make less furniture. This is the core purpose of Hey, Porter. But there's more: what good is furniture that lasts with no more thought than that?

Designed and made to last

A good product — whatever it is — has to be a meeting of good design and manufacture. In the case of Hey, Porter: good design and craft. Which is why we do everything in-house.

Designing furniture to last is as important as how it's made. What good is snug joinery if it's the wrong joinery? The confluence of design, craft and process is how we achieve quality. And it's depressingly hard to find.

In New Zealand there are few options where everything is designed and made under one roof. Imports from Europe, Asia and North America are common. There are big factories making for big box stores and smaller factories making for product designers. There are a handful of studio woodworkers making bespoke furniture.

My hope is Hey, Porter provides something that's been missing: a small, simple, straightforward product line where every piece improves the home, is made to last and is designed for daily living.

Making it easy

By offering a simple and clear product line I hope easy to see if there's something you like. We all have limited time and we don't need to waste it by scrolling through pages and pages of options. We offer three dining table designs, not thirty.

The pricing isn't hidden by an 'enquire' button. There aren't dozens of finishes and dozens of swatches and dozens of sizes. Each table comes in about three sizes with three timber options. We answer the common questions up front.

Designed for daily living

A core part of our design philosophy is that we design for us, first. The Mesa Bedside Shelf is a good example of this. I wanted a simple bedside "table" without the visual noise of legs, rails and drawers.


The person who designed it, made it and shipped it picks up the phone.

Buying a dining table is a big decision. If you have questions I can answer them.

I can look at our schedule to see if we can accommodate your time frame, I can tell you how to install it and I can tell what customisation is possible.

It's as easy as sending an email or booking a call.

A reason to exist

Hey, Porter has a reason to exist. I have no interest in making furniture that doesn't last. Furniture that's designed and made to last and improves your home? That's something to be excited about.

I hope you'll join me on the journey.


P.S. It's appropriate to run a making business in Nelson/Whakatū. Whakatū means to construct, raise or establish. That's what we plan to do: establish a responsible business making fine furniture.

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