Hey, Porter is a new furniture design studio based in Nelson, New Zealand.

Small, simple, straightforward.

It can be hard to buy furniture. So many options: designs, materials, swatches, sizes, styles — it’s easy to be bamboozled.

Hey, Porter is small, by design. We offer a few designs in limited options. If you’re looking for a dining table we offer you three designs, not thirty.

  • Mesa Bedside Shelf in White Oak pictured with a vase, flowers, pen, notebook and two books. Designed and made by Hey, Porter.
  • The Mikal DiningTable in White Oak - detail view of bridle joint. Designed and made by Hey, Porter.
  • The Mesa Coffee Table in White Oak with two books in front of a sofa and on a rug. Designed and made by Hey, Porter.

We’re not seeking repeat customers

We don’t want you to buy more than one table. We want you to have this for life. So we guarantee it — for life. We do this for all our products: coffee tables, bedside tables, dining tables — all designed and made to last.

We're small and want to stay small

We don't import furniture. We don't outsource. We design and make everything in our Nelson studio.

Small means we’re more connected to the work and to our customers.

Have a question?

It’s fun talking to people who design and make. We’re here for your questions whether you’re an existing customer or just having a look.

Can this be customised? Any flexibility on lead times? Will this suit our living room? How do I install it? All good questions.

You might find the answer in our frequently asked questions. If they don’t cover it or you simply want to have a chat just send Jeremy an email or book a call.

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