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Mesa Coffee Table (archetype)

Mesa Coffee Table (archetype)

A large coffee table with visible joinery that celebrates craft and design

The prototype of the Mesa Coffee Table is now available.

  • Dimensions: 1500 x 750 x 400mm.
  • Material/finish: Natural White Oak.

This is one of one.

The difference between archetypes and made-to-order versions are minor. They are the roughly the same size, same materials, same finish. There may be some defects that have been repaired but are not visible.

This archetype comes with a five year warranty.

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  • Planing White Oak to check for colour and grain

    The success of the Mesa Coffee Table starts with timber selection. We take the time to select timber where the colour is matched and the end grain is oriented in a consistent manner.

  • Pen and rulers with paper cut outs — part of the design process

    The Mesa Coffee Table is based on a very simple idea: large finger joints. There weren’t many design decisions to be made. It’s a few big decisions in pursuit of a simple idea.

  • Testing joinery on the Mesa Coffee Table

    There are no secrets here. The joinery is on display. The finger joints are a traditional joint but usually much smaller in scale. Careful machining and methodical assembly are the keys to success.


Will it fit in my space?

To size a coffee table it’s best to take dimensions from your sofa and the room. 

A good length for a coffee table is 2/3 the length of your sofa. For example, if your sofa is 220cm then a 150cm (1500mm) would be about right.

You want a gap between the sofa and coffee table of 300-450mm and 800mm on the other side. 

For our standard sizes of the Mesa Coffee Table this is how much space you would need in front of the sofa: 

  • 1200 x 600mm: 2300mm (minimum)
  • 1500 x 750mm: 2450mm (minimum)

Finally, you need to consider height. Ideally the height is a bit below the seat height of your sofa. Standard seat height on a sofa is 450mm and the standard height of the Mesa Coffee Table is 400mm.

Will it fit through my door?

It should go through the front door without any issues.

Is it difficult to install?

No installation required.

Can you customise it?

Archetypes are one-offs. If you’d like a customised version this will need to be made to order. Please email your request and we’ll call you to discuss.

Who made it?

All Hey, Porter pieces are designed and made in our Nelson studio. This ensures our stringent quality standards are met.

When will I get it?

This table is currently on display and is available to ship in May.

Is the timber sustainably sourced?

Our timber is sourced in the United States where trees are responsibly managed and being planted quicker than they are being felled. Tree volume increased 130% between 1953 and 2017. We are working with our suppliers to gain more information about the provenance of the material.

What finish do you use?

We use a plant-based oil made by Livos. The main ingredients are:

  • linseed oil,
  • lemon oil,
  • beeswax,
  • turpentine,
  • orange oil, and
    rosemary oil.

We can supply the full list of ingredients for these low-VOC oils on request.

How do I clean it?

Spills are best dealt with immediately. A slightly damp cloth followed by a clean, dry cloth should be sufficient. We can provide more information on how to care for your piece.

Can I return it?

Returns are not possible on archetypes.

Can I see this in person?

Yes — you’re welcome to visit us in the studio to look at the piece in person. Please email your request.

Can I talk to you about this?