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Now Playing 12" Record Holder

Now Playing 12" Record Holder

Enjoy more than the music — appreciate the artwork too

Records spend more time in crates and in shelves than anywhere else. Which is a shame, because the artwork can be a joy to look at. 

The Now Playing 12” Record Holder is a simple, elegant way to display your records. 

With its unfussy sliding mechanism it’s a piece of cake to change up the art on your walls. 

Strong enough to hold your records, but gentle enough not to damage them.

It takes about five seconds to put a record cover on your wall. 

It is easily mounted onto most domestic walls including timber, brick and concrete. 

Available as a single item or set of three.

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  • Quartersawn Walnut blanks for Now Playing Record Holder

    It might look simple, but timber selection is critical to the success of Now Playing. We rotate the timber and create a rift-sawn cut which makes it stronger and gives it a pleasing straight grain.

  • Laying out components of the Now Playing Record Holder

    We spent a lot of time prototyping various forms to find a mechanism that is smooth, simple and satisfying. In the end a beveled system was the clear winner and everything revolves around 30º cuts.

  • Production run of the Now Playing Record Holder

    Making each Now Playing is a 32 step process. Hard to believe, and we didn’t believe it until we documented it. Simple isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t quick. But the result is worth it.